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Keith Moon in 1965.

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Keith Moon, 1973.

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Keith Moon - 1969.

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Keith Moon in his house, ca. 1968.

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Keith Moon and John Entwistle in Germany, 1967.

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do you have any info about keith's sisters?

Keith had two sisters:

  • Linda Margaret Moon (born in june 1949). She became friends with Kim when she got pregnant and moved in with Keith’s family. Linda has a daughter (Karina, born in 1970) and she used to go to Tara sometimes. She’s currently married.
  • Lesley Anne Moon (born in may 1958). Kit (their mother) had to switch her attention from Keith toward the newborn baby, therefore Moonie would never again be closely watched over. She’s married as well.
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Keith Moon and Annette Walter-Lax ca. 1977.